We need more women in the tech industry

We need more women in tech. Males dominate the tech industry across the world in terms of both employment and access. Increasing diversity could help women and the tech industry itself.

Can technology be biased?

Technology is assumed to be neutral. But human biases might sneak into the technology they create.

Can VR encourage empathy?

Some are optimistic that VR can inspire empathy because it allows one to see the world through the eyes of another. But others are not convinced.

The battle for the internet

The internet is one of the most important technologies to date, and people, governments, and corporates are struggling for control.

5 protests spurred by social media

Protests do not only happen on the street. Today, many social movements on the ground are accompanied by movements online. Smartphones, the internet, and social media have created platforms for movements to organise, spread awareness, and fight back against mainstream media reporting. But there are downsides to this: visibility is a two-way street. Here are…

Welcome to the Dystopian Times

We live in the Digital Age. Technology is expanding faster than ever, and it is influencing society in a myriad of ways. Having a perspective of history is one thing, but being conscious of how history is being created today is another. The Dystopian Times aims to encourage reflection and debate on the ethics and…